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Evolution Programmer (Diesel) By Edge Products

Evolution Programmer (Diesel)

Removing/adjusting the speed limiter for purposes inconsistent with the product's intended function, as stated herein, is a violation of the products intended use and invalidates the product's warranty. Edge Products is not responsible for or liable for the consequences of improper product use.


The Evolution allows the user to view up to 4 PIDs at one time. There are 24 different PIDs to choose from. Below is a list and description of each:

  • RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) ‑ Engine speed;
  • MPH (Miles Per Hour) ‑ Note: dash kit display may be +/-3 MPH off from the digital display due to mechanical differences in the spring, etc. used to control the gauge;
  • ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) ‑ Degrees F;
  • LOAD (Engine Load) ‑ Calculated engine Load;
  • GEAR (Current Gear) ‑ Current gear;
  • TFT (Trans Fluid Temperature) ‑ Degrees F;
  • BST (Boost Press) ‑ PSI;
  • MAF (Mass Air Flow) ‑ Grams Per Second;
  • IAT (Intake Air Temperature in manifold) ‑ Degrees F;
  • DFRP (Desired Fuel Rail Pressure) ‑ PSI;
  • AFRP (Actual Fuel Rail Pressure) ‑ PSI;
  • OSS (Output Shaft Speed) ‑ RPM;
  • MAP (Manifold absolute Pressure) ‑ kPa;
  • MIT (Main Injection Timing) ‑ Degrees;
  • TQ (Engine Torque) ‑ ft/lbs;
  • BAT (Battery voltage) ‑ Volts;
  • CFR (Calculated Fuel Rate) ‑ mm3;
  • VPOS (Turbo Vane Position) ‑ %;
  • APP (Accelerator Pedal Position) ‑ %;
  • IATT (Intake Air Temperature in intake tube) ‑ Degrees F;
  • BARO (Barometric Pressure) ‑ kPa;
  • FTMP (Fuel Temperature) ‑ Degrees F;
  • DIDL (Desired Idle) ‑ RPM;
  • EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) ‑ Degrees F ;

Edge diesel programmer

The following power gains are representative of an actual test vehicle. These gains were measured on a SuperFlow Dyno at an altitude of 4400 ft above sea level, and represent power delivered to the rear wheels of the test truck. The only modification made to the test truck was the addition of the Edge Evolution module. Power gains may vary based on vehicle and geographical location.

Tuning Levels:

  • Level 0: Stock;
  • Level 1: 30 Horsepower - 60 Foot Pounds of Torque;
  • Level 2: 60 Horsepower - 135 Foot Pounds of Torque;
  • Level 3: 85 Horsepower - 185 Foot Pounds of Torque;
  • Level 4: 100 Horsepower - 220 Foot Pounds of Torque ;