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Jeep performance chips

How would you describe your Jeep? Strong, powerful, adventurous? Without a doubt, spending hours and hours behind the wheel driving in the city or doing some off-roading makes you have a strong feeling about your Jeep. That's why the need to improve and upgrade it seems to be essential for you.

Jeep performance programmers

You don't need to tinker under the hood of your Jeep for hours and spend thousands of dollars to improve its performance. Nowadays you can get more horsepower and torque just with a few keystrokes on a performance programmer. Installing Jeep performance chip is as easy as plugging it in to any OBD II compatible port. This ultimate ease of installation process along with reasonable prices make Jeep performance programmers the most affordable tools for an immediate performance boost.

Performance chips release your Jeep from the chains of factory pre-programmed performance settings. Plus, they provide you with extended monitoring features in real time, that allow you to have full control over your vehicle. Jeep performance chips and programmers give you an access to almost every vital parameter of the engine.

Reasons to buy a Jeep performance chip

Jeep engine performance programmers allow you to set up:

  • firing timing
  • fuel/air ratio
  • fuel injection settings
  • transmission settings

and much more. You can easily switch between custom and stock settings.

Jeep performance chips

They efficiently enhance vehicle's performance and provide you with detailed real-time information about engine's vital signs.

Jeep performance chips' monitoring features include but are not limited to:

  • engine speed
  • fuel pressure
  • air intake temperature
  • coolant temperature.

Choosing the best performance chip for Jeep may not be an easy task, considering the amount of options available on the market. That's why when you shop for Jeep performance programmers, it is crucial to choose products from reliable brands and reputable vendors. Product lines of such manufacturers, as Bully dog, Hypertech, Edge Products, Superchips offer high-quality performance chips for Jeep SUVs, including the Wrangler.

"Superchips" for Jeep

If there is a manufacturer that understands what Jeep owners expect from performance programmers, it is Superchips. This brand offers the product line of Jeep performance chips that can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Superchips Jeep TrailDash 438753 is the most advanced Jeep tuner today, that will make your off-road experience more exciting. It comes loaded with Superchips' street and trail tunes which have been tested in multiple altitudes and climates.

Jeep TrailDash 438753 features:

  • 4.3" color touch Screen
  • Transmission performance* ('07-'10 JK Wrangler only)
  • Inclinometer gauges
  • Customizable digital gauges (Reads numerous PIDs)
  • Maintenance Manager (schedule and track maintenance)
  • Mileage mentor (track and save fuel)
  • Performance tests
  • Reads and clears trouble codes
  • Expandability (includes the ability to add aftermarket, accessories and sensors via the Superchips EAS
Jeep superchips

Jeep Trail Jammer EXT 387514 will take your Jeep to the new level of performance. 62MM throttle body, a custom cold air intake, and a Superchips Flashpaq tuning included in the EXT package are the building blocks of performance.

Jeep trasil dash jammer

Jeep Trail Jammer EXT 387514 features:

  • Power Gains - + 25.0 HP & +30.0 lb-ft
  • Performance Tune(s)
  • Performance Tests
  • Tire Size - Rubicon only 26"-35" (electronic pickup)
  • Axle Gear Ratio - 3.07, 3.73, 4.11, 4.56
  • T-Case Gear Ratio - If equipped
  • Speed Limiter
  • Shift Firmness - Superchips optimized
  • Internet Updateable
  • Data Acquisition
  • DTC Read & Clear
  • Tow Tune
  • Economy Tune

The secret of Superchips programmers' success lies in over 30 years of company's experience in the industry. Superchips was established in Buckingham, England in 1977 as P.J. Detection Techniques and got its current name 14 years later, in 1991.

In 1992 Superchips Inc. was established in Florida in order to develop performance programmers for the North American market. Nowadays the company still resides in the U.S.

Jeep performance chips at CARiD

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