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4 major reasons to install performance chips

Engine performance in modern cars is controlled by special microchips.Almost any vehicle after 1980 has a computer chip installed. The introduction of such chips has both positive and negative aspects. Among the latter, one should note that the engine controlled by a microchip does not perform at its full capacity. In other words, this chip puts 'digital' limits on car performance. The good news is that the car can be reprogrammed with the help of a performance chip, eliminating all limits and significantly boosting vehicle capabilities. Such reprogramming does not take a lot of time and effort, since you no longer need to replace old parts with new ones. All you need is a simple chip. All in all, such reprogramming chips have two major benefits - they allow for increasing engine performance and fuel efficiency. The exact improvement ratio will depend on a particular chip. A vast selection of high quality chips from the leading brands can be found here: http://www.carid.com/performance-chips.html. And now a little bit more about the effects of chips installation.

Performance chips to boost engine capabilities

Since the reprogramming chip eliminates all restrictions on engine performance, the latter can be significantly boosted. In the Internet, you will find a lot of performance tests before and after the upgrade, yet the final result depends not only on the particular chip, but on your car model as well. Some makes are simply more 'compatible' with the upgrade, while the others go through minor (yet still conspicuous) changes. Upgraded engine performance first of all presupposes quicker reaction and improved response from your vehicle, resulting in:

Performance Programmers

Increased speed

Despite the impressive speed numbers on your dashboard, the ECU chip controlling your maximum speed will not let your accelerate after a certain limit. With a special chip from such brands as HyperTech, Diablo Sport, or SCT Performance, this problem can be solved within mere seconds.

Increased acceleration

Apart from increasing your maximum speed limit, the chip allows you to shorten the acceleration time. By injecting more air into the engine, the chips allow for rapid acceleration and an overall quicker response. Since the pre-installed chips control not only the engine, but also the ignition, transmission, and stabilization systems, custom performance chips solve several performance problems at once.

Performance chips to increase fuel efficiency

There is another factor to install a reprogramming chip that both cautious and bold drivers will enjoy. In fact, one of the common side effects of reprogramming your vehicle is increased fuel efficiency. This is, perhaps, one of the primary factors that make reprogramming chips so popular among drivers as it helps you to significantly save on fuel. All in all, your investment into a new chip will prove beneficial within a couple of months of driving, for active drivers - even less. You can find them at affordable prices on CARiD.com.

Performance Chips

There are several reasons to installing performance chips, and optimized engine performance is just one of those reasons. In fact, if you choose to make an investment (an average price for a high quality chip starts at approximately $350), you will quickly regain the money by saving hundreds of dollars on fuel. And, of course, quicker response and impressive engine capabilities will make you feel as if you are driving a new, more powerful, vehicle.