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Launch Tech Automotive Tools

Launch Tech is a well-known manufacturer of automotive diagnostic accessories and under-car service tools. Company's diagnostic solutions allow car owners to perform fast, precise, OEM-level diagnostics and repair. Launch Tech's mission is to provide innovative and affordable solutions to the automotive aftermarket.

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Company's permanent commitment to innovations allows Launch Tech to gain popularity among customers and trade magazines as well. Today there are more than 300 qualified and dedicated R&D engineers work for Launch Tech. They are led by some of the most experienced and well-known specialists in the automotive field. It allows company to provide timely upgrades for needs of ever changing automotive industry.

Why Launch Tech?

All of Launch Tech's products are certificated by well-known quality standards ISO 9001:2000 and TS16949. Company has a number of test centers around the globe. There Launch Tech's products go through various tests to ensure that they will operate correctly during their lifespan. On the other hand each and every company's lift produced in the U. S. is ALI certified.

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Wide number of Launch Tech's scan tools, code readers, code reset tools, scan adapters are compatible with most vehicles on the road today. The same is correct for company's service tools such as alignment equipment, vehicle's lifts and many other products.

The fact that Launch Tech is a member of ETI and AAIA and take an active part in most of key industry events confirms a wide recognition of the company. On the other hand customer recognition also takes place.

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A number of Launch Tech's scan tools, code readers, code reset tools, scan adapters and other diagnostic accessories allows you to make diagnostics of your vehicle by yourself without the need to go to the service. But it is very important that you use original Launch Tech's accessories to avoid possible damage of your vehicle. On the virtual pages of one of the biggest online-retailers in the U. S. CARiD you will find a number of original Launch Tech's products for most makes and models that are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.


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