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Hypertech Performance Tuners

Hypertech is the manufacturer of automotive parts and software applications for consumer and racing vehicles that was established in 1985. Unlike other manufacturers Hypertech relies on the knowledge of the staff not only on the machinery. Technicians and engineers of the company have degrees in a different disciplines including computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, etc. This is one of the main reasons why Hypertech has been on the top of the industry for a long time.

Hypertech Max Energy Performance Programmer

Hypertech Performance Electronics Line-Up

In its line-up, Hypertech has a full-function tuner which controls vehicle functions at a high level, called Max Energy. It allows you to manually control a lot of different vehicle's features from adjusting limiters for the speed and adapting speedometer readings to the temperature on which fan turns on. Being hand down the best selling performance programmer in the Hypertech product line, Max Energy is available in the most large auto parts stores. But in the age of online shopping, why not to have your programmer delivered right to your door? For instance, check out Hypertech® 32501 - Max Energy Programmer at CARiD.com. The good thing about this store is its huge assortment, so you can get everything you can imagine too boost vehicle's performance!

But not everyone needs a full function programmer to have a total control over their vehicle. That's why in the Hypertech line-up there are a lot of tuners with different functions and different prices. These programmers are designed to meet all your needs. For example the Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator allows you to reprogram the odometer and speedometer for upsized gears and tires. Programmers of the E-CON series allow you to control only core functions of reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes with software programming for increased power and mileage.

Reprogramming ECU With Hypertech

Hypertech Tuner

Every Hypertech unit comes with USB cable and a programming CD for the first connection using your PC. After few minutes of downloading your programmer will be ready to work. The original ECU of your vehicle will be read and stored after plugging Hypertech unit to your vehicle's OBD II port. Then programmer will install new customized settings but your original vehicle's ECU may be easily restored if needed.

Hypertech power programmers are not just performance chips – they are self-contained automotive tuning computers. They automatically install the Hypertech tuning program that is very powerful. It allows car owners to get access to the vehicle's computer and reprogram it if needed. Reprogramming will allow the vehicle's computer to function properly with purchased aftermarket components, such as non-stock tires, wheels, etc. Hypertech units will help your vehicle to get the next level of performance.


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